Monday, May 9, 2011

The Current "thing": Karl Anthony - MJ is Back (Michael's Revenge)

Karl Anthony - MJ is Back (Michael's Revenge) by The_Karlster

[DISCLAIMER: In no way, shape, fashion, or form am I trying to disrespect the great Michael J. Jackson. If you've read any of my previous blogs, or just know me in general then you'd know how much I respect, admire, and appreciate, his work and contribution to humanity. RIP] 

I've never been good with following trends. In fact whenever I usually try to be in-sync with the crowd, they move! So on that note I "do me" as much as I can!

With all of that said I didn't just rap over this beat because "everybody else did" or because "it's the beat of the moment"; hell, I'd pull up the "A Millie" beat if I felt like it! Truth be told, I've been unable to listen to a lot new rap songs the whole way through lately (unless it catches my attention within the first 30sec.-1.30min). If I rapped over this beat it was more so for creative reasons.

The pieces that I did catch of the other renditions featured the artist who was rapping comparing himself to a dead rapper who had influenced him/her. Now I don't want to sound like I'm bashing anybody, but I've always found that whole thing corny; even on other songs. [disclaimer: When I do it, it's because I have a better punchline coming]. I thought the concept was great though, I just didn't like the direction (nor did I feel like hearing a rapper comparing himself to a dead legend for 2mins).

I initially wrote this as a joke (if you couldn't tell). In fact I wanted to do a song called "Like it or Not" instead when I went to record on Saturday. However, I didn't really feel like I could give my best performance on that song so I made this instead.

I might do a montage for this like I did with "90's Baby", so be on the look for that!

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