Wednesday, March 16, 2011

AlBe Back - Mira, Mira (ft/ Karl Anthony & Fabolous)... Better late than never!

I added my part to this back in April/May of last year. And as time went on I forgot about it. I remember feeling like I "HAD" to do a verse to it because the hook had been stuck in my head for sooooo long [pause]!

Albe Back is one of those guys who I feel doesn't get his props musically; so if my opinion counts for anything, I think he/ this song definitly deserved more shine than it got. And I don't feel like it's "too late"... Good music doesn't age.

The "Official Video" for the song (without my royal input) is posted below:

Listening to these remixes I've made has inspired me. As soon as something hot drops for now on, expect to hear my verse on it!

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