Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Celebrate My Return: "Light Up" x "Always Made It"

Soooo... picking up where we left off, I was gone for a bit but I'm back... more or less.

"Light Up" (as well as "Always Made It") were both recorded the same day as "BMF". The story behind "Light Up" is me getting that anxiety and pressure I feel everytime the year ends. While most people celebrate, I almost go into "depression mode" stressing about how I'm not getting any younger and am still not where I feel I should be; in more than one way.

If you listen close, I'm reflecting on the grind and work I put in 2010. I remember telling my younger cousin Idriss at the time that I'd probably stop rapping if I didn't make any progress on the business side of things. And then I ran into Phella (http://www.iamphella.com/). Now that I have a team behind me, I feel like it's "2 Infinty & Beyond" from here. (Pun intended).

"Always Made It" might be my all time favorite "50 Bar or more" verse I've done so far. The flow, punchlines, and metaphores are crazy on this one. Not to sound arogant, but now I can really say that "I can hang with the best". You can check out everyone else who rapped on this beat, "I bet they never said a better rhyme". 

dl link: http://usershare.net/2nbx7y72k9aa

Although, I remember J. Rob pointing out that I said "plenty fishes in the sea" line twice ("BMF" & this). But I really didn't.

"There's plenty fishes in the sea if Nemo can't be found"
                                                                   _Karl Anthony "BMF"

"There's plenty fishes in the sea, before I die I'll try the ocean"
                                                                                  _Karl Anthony "Always Made it"

Both clever ways of saying girls are like buses.

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