Saturday, March 19, 2011

Hollywood MILFs (Dreams 2011)/ Biggie Smalls Tribute

I remade The Notorious B.I.G’s “Just Playing (Dreams)” as a tribute to him. If you know anything about my musical taste, then you how much I respect what he did.

I originally planned on releasing this song his death date. Then I got to thinking, why do we only celebrate death?  Think about it; the day before they announced that Michael Jackson died, nobody (with the exception of myself who religiously watched his youtube clips every chance got that June) seemed to care about him anymore. But the second that his death was confirmed, everybody (even people who made comedy sketches disrespecting the black off of him) “loved” him again!

That’s why I decided to not to release the audio until Biggie’s birthday. I’d rather celebrate, and remember him on the day when he graced us with his presence. Because after all, had it not been for birth, there’d be no death.

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